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RMBC Applied - Live Monthly Copy Breakdowns With SPG

YES! I Want To Join This Exclusive Membership Right Now!

Here’s what you get with the RMBC Applied Membership:

  • Zoom call every month where I'll be breaking down my winning sales letters live on screen in comprehensive detail.
  • See how I go through everything: the headline, the lead, the background story, the mechanism, the close, the big ideas, etc…
  • See how I follow my RMBC Method in creating each offer
  • I will talk about why I made the decisions I did while writing it
  • You will be able to ask me as many questions as you want to about the letter during the call…
  • I will record the whole thing too, so that if you can't make a live call you can still catch a replay.

There are two types of offers I’d be breaking down:

  1. Classic offers I wrote and that crushed (from my Lion’s Publishing Days, my health supplement companies, etc)…
  2. Brand-new offers I wrote that are actively running and doing lots of sales for clients (or myself) right now.

In both cases, you're  getting exposure to offers I rarely talk about publicly…

  • Either because they are more aggressive (although with KILLER copy)…
  • Or because they are so new that I can’t go around flaunting them or it’ll piss my clients off.

I have DOZENS of killer offers we will be doing this for…

  • And I’m creating new offers every single month…
  • So I think this membership/club is really valuable… 

Especially since it will:

  1. Give you live training with me on a monthly basis
  2. Expose you to a ton of winning sales letters
  3. Show you how to break down and dissect those letters (and how to think about copy in general)
  4. Help you build a massive swipe file, filled with proven winners that most people have no idea exist.

What Copywriters and Business Owners are Are Saying About The RMBC Method By Stefan Georgi

We’re On Track To Hit $200MM and RMBC is a Huge Reason Why!

“We started our company 5 years ago with $1,000. We’re on pace to do $200 million this year and I can tell you that Stefan Georgi is a huge piece of what made that possible. The second he walked me through his RMBC method I knew I had found the holy grail in copywriting. It was like someone had taken all of the best principles of copy and finally put it into an incredibly clear step by step system that just pulled high level copy out of you. When the training was over, I didn’t sleep for 2 days. I went home and started cranking out our first VSL following his system and it went on to do over $50 million the next year. Since then we’ve gone 6 for 6 on writing offers that scale massively and profitable day one on cold traffic thanks to The RMBC Method.... And I won’t work with a copywriter unless he or she follows Stefan’s RMBC method either. In fact, we train everyone in house on that method exclusively.”

-Nick Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of V Shred and Sculpt Nation


A Must Have If You're Serious About Writing High-Converting Copy

"Most copywriting teachers are only good at selling one thing: copywriting courses. Stefan, on the other hand, is out there doing it - writing winners that bring in big dollars in many different markets. If you're serious about writing high-converting copy, I suggest you devour everything he puts out."

-Craig Clemens Co-Founder of Golden Hippo


I’ve Been Through Every Copywriting System and Stefan’s RMBC Method Blows Them All Away!

“I’ve been through every copywriting system and course in existence in the last 15 years – from Kennedy to Jon Benson to Clayton Makepeace – but the results Stefan’s RMBC Method produces blows everything else away. It’s truly that powerful. 80% of the offers Stefan writes end up working on cold traffic. Even good copywriters can barely hit 30-40%. He’s batting 80%. But the craziest part is that his system is replicable for copywriters at any level. I’ve seen it firsthand in our Copy Accelerator group. People come in with mediocre copy and within two months of following RMBC, they’re writing stuff that’s scaling on Facebook. RMBC just flat out works. And it’s easy to understand. I really can’t recommend it enough.”

- Justin Goff, Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator


If This Doesn’t Make You A Better Copywriter, Nothing Will!

“The list of working, active copywriters who I believe are worth learning from is very short. Without a doubt, Stefan is one of them and his RMBC course proves it. If this doesn't make you a better copywriter, nothing will.”

- Dan Ferrari, A List Copywriter


RMBC Allows Us To Beat Controls and Launch New Offers In A Fraction of The Time!

“As a business owner who writes most of our copy, I wear a lot of hats. Stefan’s RMBC Method has changed the game for us. It allows us to launch and refresh offers faster than I ever imagined possible. So I’m now able to focus way less time on writing copy, and more time growing the business as a whole.”

- Jay Deiboldt, Owner of Credit Secrets